We are continuing to raise support for the backpack program for kids returning to school this fall.  We have met the needs of the children in year-round schools, but there is still a need to help those returning in August.  

Keep in mind we have had some help from some donations, but there are more children in need.  We would like to raise as many backpacks as possible.  They will be taken to the schools and distributed to those who are in need.  

We are extending the deadline until August 11th, 2019.  Stores did not put out supplies until after July 4th so there was not a lot of time to met the first deadline.  We now have ample time to do our part and meet our responsibility as God directs our paths.

Please purchase a backpack, or the list of supplies for a backpack, 

or both and submit them to Debbie Dolbeck before August 11th,2019.

Thank you. This is greatly appreciated by the kids who are not fortunate to be able to secure supplies.

Dr. Ron Wallace,  Pastor

Backpack Drive: June 9, 2019 through Deadline: July 7, 2019

Back To School - Backpack Drive


We want to give our TBC students the opportunity to start the 2019 school year off right with a new backpack filled with SCHOOL SUPPLIES!

Will You Prayerfully consider using this Student Drive to encourage our future generation.  In this way, we can bring a little smile on their face and give them hope for a brighter future!  DONATE TODAY – 


Our goal is 20 or MORE BACKPACKS (filled with SCHOOL SUPPLIES)


Donate A Backpack Filled With School Supplies TODAY. 

                                             COLLECTION DEADLINE:  July 7, 2019

Backpack Drive Instruction List


Instructions:  3 ways to participate
1.     Purchase a backpack and stuff it:  with all the items listed below, or

2.    Purchase a Backpack' or 

3.    Purchase ALL to items listed below, then
4..   Then Return To Debbie Dolbeck:

                                              COLLECTION DEADLINE:   July 7, 2019

Supply List
1.       1 Backpacks
2.       #2 Pencils
3.       Color Pencils
4.       Highlighters
5.       Crayons (24 packs)
6.       Pack of Expo Markers
7.       Ball Point Pens (Red, Blue, and Black)
8.       Pencil Bag (zippered) or Pencil box
10.      Marbled Composition Notebooks ​ (non-spiral Black & White preferred)
11.      Scissors (Children's)
12.      Loose Leaf Note Book Paper
13.      Spiral Notebook  (1 subject and 3 subject)
14.      Index Cards
15.      Box of Tissue
16.      Small Bottles of Hand Sanitizer
17.      Disinfectant Wipes (Clorox, Lysol, or store brand)

Thank You In Advance And May God Bless You!

                                             COLLECTION DEADLINE:  July 7, 2019

For more information please see
Coordinator: Debbie Dolbeck (Youth Director)
919-414-3817 or