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Cindy Henn 

(KFC  Director "Kid's For Christ" Creative Drama & Hospitality Assistant)
henncindy@gmail.com  •  919-495-2716

August 10, 2018 - KFC Performing - Raleigh Capital Buildin

Capital Coordinator "God Rods" Across America Tour

What is a Capital Event in our God Rods Across America Tour? 

  1. A  Celebration of God’s faithfulness over 30 years of ministry through  Salt and Light Ministries.  The event will last 20-30 minutes.
  2. A  performance of “Arise My Love” using the God Rods; a signature piece of  this ministry that has been used by thousands of people across the  world over the last two decades.  Anyone who has ever used the God Rods  or participated in “Arise My Love” as a ministry performance piece is  invited to attend and join the celebration.
  3. A  short time of corporate prayer for state and federal leaders as they  rely on God for wisdom and guidance.  (Traditional Judeo-Christian  Worldview of God.)

Dowel Rod Interpretive Movement

Physical expression of ideas is a natural and basic concept.  Some people's hands are animated as they speak; others  engage their whole bodies when telling a story;  in sign language, subtle  nuances in conversation are conveyed through the position of the hands,  body language, and facial expressions. 

"Interpretive movement"  in  ministry, therefore, is simply communication through rehearsed physical  expression. The phrase may sound intimidating at first, but it need not  be. Even simple routines can amplify, clarify, and beautify a message,  whether that message is sung, spoken, or completely non-verbal.

For more than ten years, Jeff Smith of Salt & Light Ministries has  been using wooden dowel rod sticks to interpret and bring to life contemporary Christian music as a dramatic art form. The concept of using sticks or "God Rods" in movement was designed for those who desired to express themselves through movement, but who lacked formal  training, or were uncomfortable or unable to participate in dance. 

The  creative movement ideas then spread to using additional props such as 

fabrics, hand gestures, sign language, and drama 

to interpret the lyrics and stories of Christian music.