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 "Kid's For Christ" Creative Drama Ministry

For upcoming Practice and Performance Schedules please contact:

Cindy Henn 

•  KFC  Director ("Kid's For Christ" Creative Drama Ministry)

•  Hospitality Coordinator

•  Young Adult Discovery Class Instructor

henncindy@gmail.com  •  919-495-2716

Rehearsal Dates

2018 Dates

          September 30, 2019

          October 7, 14, 21, 28, 2019

          November 4,11,18, 2018

          December 2, 9, 2018

Physical expression of ideas is a natural and basic concept.  Some people's hands are animated as they speak; others engage their whole bodies when telling a story;  in sign language, subtle  nuances in conversation are conveyed through the position of the hands,  body language, and facial expressions. 

"Interpretive movement"  in  ministry, therefore, is simply communication through rehearsed physical  expression.  Even simple routines can amplify, clarify, and beautify a message,  whether that message is sung, spoken, or completely non-verbal.

The  creative movement ideas then spread to using additional props such as 

fabrics, hand gestures, sign language, and drama 

to interpret the lyrics and stories of Christian music.